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Anonymous: I get anxiety too and I know it is the worst feeling and terrifying sometimes but ya can doctor it! Like they're so understanding about it all and will talk ya through what it really means! Also if it helps (idk I found it kinda comforting) anxiety attacks are almost always just things in ya brain messing up for w/e reason like it's not you? it's just a biological thing just like having an cold or something! And so doctors can treat it just like anything else! They can honestly help ya a lot!

I’ve been to the doctor multiple times for it and they always say, “All teenagers have it at some point” and prescribe me medication. 

I had really bad anxiety and was running out of breath on my drive home from bailey’s and every since I’ve gotten home I’ve felt very lightheaded and I still do like 2 hours later and that’s never happened before am I going to die?

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I’m nervous to update to iOS 8, did anyone’s stuff get erased?